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I love this! I’ve been having horrible bouts of insomnia (related to pregnancy) and listening to podcasts or audiobooks has been one of the only things to help me fall back asleep. This allows me to listen to my true crime podcasts without disturbing my husband (like disturbing his sleep AND peace of mind).

These are super dark as well, which I love. You really can’t see ANY light when these are on.

The headphones inside the eye mask can be moved around a bit.

Con - the volume control is a little whack.

Adam Hanin
Better than I imagined!

The audio quality for these is superb! The nearly-flat mini speakers adjust easily to fit directly over my ears, and produce awesome sound that blocks out external noises. The eye cups make the mask extremely comfortable, even when lying on the side.


Jill A. Gillian
Great purchase for side sleepers, travelers, and those who have spouses who can’t sleep.

Best for side sleepers like me but I wish the cord came out somewhere besides over my ear, where I have to sleep on it, even when it’s tucked inside.

I have dry eye and my eye doctor recommended an eye mask. After several false starts with other masks, I purchased my first Bluetooth mask, which I lost on a road trip. My biggest complaint with that one (made by the same manufacturer as this one) was that the power controller was in front of my ear and I ended up sleeping on it.

When I searched for a replacement, I had no idea they made masks specially for side sleepers. This one, while not perfect, is much better because they put the power control in the middle.

In addition to keeping out light, I listen to “brown noise” to block sounds from hotel hallways and to reduce sleep breaks when my husband turns on lights and makes noise several times a night.

Love it

I purchased this mask to replace another brand I had. I love this mask. I have a permanent ringing in my ears that is very noticeable when it’s quiet. This helps drown out the ringing.

The surround for you eyes is nice as it’s doesn’t feel like it’s squeezing your eyes when you wear it (the other brand did that).

The power button is in the middle, which allows you to lay on either side without feeling the outline of the switch or accidentally powering it off when you sleep on your side.

One thing I noticed, and it’s not just this brand, be careful when you unplug it from the charger. The charger wire connected to the mask is very thin and will probably withstand a lot of pulling over time.

Love the Mask. Bluetooth device should be close by.

I really love this sleep mask. I have been wearing eye masks and earplugs with an air purifier and sometimes noisy fan to drown out any noises by my husband or dog since I am a very light sleeper. I recently bought another sleep mask which is fine to use when he is not around, but then I saw that there were other masks with sound built-in so I looked around and this mask had good reviews and had the 3D eye holes which I wanted. I have been using this mask pretty much daily and am very happy with this product. The mask is comfortable and blocks the light for me.

I use an iPhone and a White noise app listening to a "Stream water flowing" when I sleep. I do notice that you need to have the Bluetooth device close by. One night my husband moved my phone to the other side of our king-sized bed so I could sleep in and not hear the alarm as he was going to wake up with the kids instead and the sound kept getting interrupted and "sputter" with silence in between like a bad connection which ended up waking me up. So now I use an old phone strictly meant to provide the white noise sound. I tried a really old ipod touch but it only provided sound in one year so that didn't work especialy because it was the left ear that didn't sound and that is the side my husband sleeps! Also, be careful when charging that you don't pull the wire out too much as the audio unit inside gets misplaced and you have to maneuver it back to the right position.

I was able to move the earphone parts so it covers my ears fine. I do still wear earplugs as well as I am used to it and it helps keep extra noise out.

I had some questions after purchasing and they got back to me very quickly which was nice.

I keep the mask charged when I am not using it and it lasts me a very long time as I like to sleep! After the kids go to school sometimes I go back to sleep and the mask still lasts as long as I nap even with the small charge in between.

Again very happy with this sleepmask.

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