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easy to use

I like that this is so easy to use. I had a similar device for about 15 years and it finally wore out. I like this new one because it is more compact and easy to carry around.

Brian Johnson
I like this system and the support for it is above ...

I like this system and the support for it is above and beyond
Very satisfied with my purchase, I highly recommend it.

Pleasantly surprised with the iReliev CESUnit. Did not ...

Pleasantly surprised with the iReliev CESUnit. Did not think that it packed that much power when I initially opened the package and saw the small size of the unit. I went through the different modes and settings and soon realized that indeed this CESunit was more than adequate for my needs.

Thomas G. Roehl
Really like this unit

Really like this unit. I purchased this one for my wife. I already have one. she was using my old CESunit and the pads wore out, so because the ld unit required "custom pads" I suggested she try my iRelieve unit for her knees. She really noticed a difference between what she had been using and the i-Relieve unit. So for the cost of 4 pads for the old unit I purchased the i-Relieve unit for her. Its small can take 2 or 4 standard electro pads and also "special" pads as well. Multiple settings and I love that you can go anywhere between 5 minutes and 1 full hour of treatment. Well worth the investment for some pain relief!

Cynthia E. DeMone
Powerful!! So glad I purchased this product.

I bought this item for my husband who has been having a lot of back pain. He has visited the chyropractor, and described a similar machine being used on him. He says the apparatus is the most helpful part of those office visits. I figured that although this portable version could not compare to the professional one, it might still be helpful. I was happily surprised to learn that it is very comparable to the one used at the chyropractor office. It gives my husband a lot of relief. Well worth the price.

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