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Milo Masson
Large filling and good heating

This solar shower is a great addition to camping equipment, which is useful for camping and in the backyard.

The solar shower is rugged, very compact, filled, well heated, handle enhanced,

When we go camping, we fill it up in the morning and paste it somewhere in the sun. At the end of the day, we enjoy a happy shower. We also added some water that had not warmed up earlier.

The product is far superior to the basic black bag version available in stores.

It is well worth using.

Its functionality, ease of use and nozzle/valve design make it a fun camping trip.

This is a very easy place to open and close. it's generally in good working order,

Marie Jo Saint Germain
It is durable

It's a dream camp shower. It is durable and does a good job of keeping warm.

Hilda Kelsen
Well done!

Well done! The temperature rises rapidly under direct sunlight. We have one for camping and one in our first aid kit.

Quality products

Perfect, very satisfied with this product. This is all I want. Zero technical content. This alone can make things so smooth.

Misty Flota
Staring to not hate camping as much now

I needed this in my life so bad! Hate going in camping trips and struggling to get a hot shower in. This is great as it can hold the heated water and can hang the hose on anything and shower away! Has a nozzle to stop or keep the water flow going.

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