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Deborah Jaros
Perfect gift to child

My daughter always asking me to buy a watch for her, so when i saw this and read the features, i decided to buy it. Good thing to this smart watch, you don’t need to put sim card in it for it to work. It’s not just a watch, you can also store your phone numbers for your kid reference in case of emergency. There’s a camera for taking selfies and games to play. I’m sure my daughter will love it

Brenda Luna
Perfect for younger kids who are fans of technology!

I bought this for my 7 year old nephew, he loved it! It’s nice because it gives him the feel of having something expensive like an apple watch but this is much more affordable so we don’t have to worry too much about him losing it or something. The setup was easy, its really simple and I think if I teach him how to do it he’ll learn to do it himselfeasily. He already knew pretty much how to maneuver the menu and the different apps it comes with so he just needed help setting the time and date, which only took me a couple of minutes to figure out. He has fun taking pictures with it, the camera takes surprisingly nice pictures! It also has some games that he enjoyed playing. Overall its a really neat little gadget for kids who like technology but aren’t ready for something pricey!

I recommend everyone who has children, they will like it very much and you will not worry.

I had a great watch, I was very pleased, I bought it for my daughter so that I could track where she walks and not worry, now you can let her go for a walk and not worry if she walks far from home, I will immediately see this and pick her up, I was also very pleased the ability to make video calls, which I also like very much, my daughter, too, is satisfied, cannot tear herself away from them, listens to music through them. I recommend everyone who has children, they will like it very much and you will not worry.

January L Urroz M
Good Product and Excellent Customer Service

The package arrived shortly after I ordered it. As soon as my son saw it, he loved it. The style is great (doesn't look cheap) and it fits great on his wrist (6 years old). We left it charging overnight and the following day we set it up. The calling function worked fine and it had cute pictures for each contact (mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, uncle and aunt, and 2 friends). When he called me, I heard him clearly on my phone, and he could hear me just as clear on the watch. I was really impressed with how good the calling function worked. It comes with a micro SD card where you can store music and pictures. He was surprised that it even brought one song (Let It Go - Frozen) so that he could test it right away. He enjoyed the music and camera functions and it had quite a variety of games.

Jamie Little
The children's favorite watches are multifunctional and beautiful.

This is exactly what I want, and the style and colors are beautiful. My children love it very much. It is very easy to connect and set up, it also has games, alarm clock, you can also make and receive calls, take pictures, listen to music and so on. The battery life is good, and the touch screen is responsive, it is recommended!

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