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Thu Anh
Help my dad with his hair problem

I got this for my dad as he feels every time he showers he would shed hairs. I bought this serum for him to apply in the area where he feels are loosing hair and within few weeks, we see some thin baby hair growing around the area. Good product!

Kristy Bova
Exceptional ptoduct for damage repair and regrowth of of bald spots

This product is has been extremely helpful with repairing and regrowing my hair after wearing tape-in extensions for 2 years. After taking them out, my natural hair was much shorter and very damaged with spots of baldness that occurred during removal. I would definitely recommend for those who are attempting to repair damaged hair and regrowth.

Be patient. It works!

I have severe thinning in the back of my head due to frequent braiding. Spent lots of money on different hair products and even several recommended by my dermatologist. This is my second bottle and finally noticed baby hair growth in areas that had no hair. I can definitely recommend. Just be patient you will not regret it.

Jessica Spencer
Working great!

I really like this product! It’s simple to use and nourishes my hair! I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and my hair is growing in thicker, stronger and longer where it has been thin and weak before. This is something I would buy again!

Loved it!

It smells better than I expected! It also feels good when you put it on. I was afraid that it would smell bad, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t feel greasy or sticky or anything, it feels like a drop of water. I have been only using it for a week, so there are not many differences yet, but it feels good!

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