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Yvonne M Espino
Easy to use

I have only used it once and looking forward to use it more when needed. The Crane Cordless Rechargeable Inhaler was very easy to use and comes with everything to get you started even the Purified water.
Gives a nice warm or cool mist to help relief allergies and dry sinuses.

Jagadeeshwar Chintakayala
Nice product


R. Ruggiero
A Lifesaver and Relief for the Sinuses!!

This product is very portable & easy to use and helps to unclog your sinuses. We highly recommend it. I bought this for myself as well as my daughter. She and I often get congestion and need something to help with that. She has used it several times now and states it works really well! As for me, the warm steam is nice and relieving. We've been using it for about half a month and there hasn't been any build up since.
Overall, this cordless steam inhaler is very effective in what we bought it for and is intended for. What a real relief for the sinuses, and with the cold, dry winter upon us this lifesaver is just what my family needs to help save the day!!

Caryn Pfeifer
Works really well

Easy to use, makes less noise than the nebulizer. So far so good.

Great Inhaler!!!

One of my friends suggested this inhaler to me for cold and sinus relief. It's very compact, simple to assemble and use, comes with all the instructions. I love how it has both cool and warm mist options. The best thing is it's cordless (rechargeable), easy to use during nighttime especially for the kids. It's very helpful during winter months for a quick relief, when the heater is on. Highly recommended.

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