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Jayne Eaton
Very nice gift

This is a birthday present for my son.Baby likes this watch very much. It's easy to use.I can take pictures, the watch is locatable, I know where the child is at any time,

Cierra Miller
You should buy one for your family

Children always take it with them from getting up to going to bed. They are comfortable to wear and have good style. My children like it very much. The timing, alarm clock, positioning and telephone functions are very easy to use and very convenient

I like this watch

It's comfortable to wear. It's a good style. Children like it very much and can't bear to take it off. You can call the phone with micro chat, send messages, and the important thing is to have the positioning function. I can always see my kids moving around that place.

Rachel Jacobs
My son loves it

This is a great smart watch for my son! My son really likes the camera function of this watch! They like the way it is easy to use, easy to charge, and specially made for children. I really like this smart watch! Recommend everyone to buy

mary rose
It's pretty.

It's pretty. The sound is very loud, the manufacturing is fine, the function is very complete, the call quality is very good, very clear, the battery life is also very long, the accuracy is high, the sensitivity is also good, the operation is easy to learn, the appearance looks tall, good

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