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The appearance is very airy, the metal shell is very strong

The appearance is very impressive, the metal shell is very strong, and the after-sales service is also very good. It is very clear to see things and understands a lot of things in the microcosm. The service is very good, and the goods arrive soon, really fast! awesome

Gift for Kid

This was a gift for the neighbor's grandson. It's his first microscope and I feel like this will work really well for him until he's sure if he wants a better one and is sincerely interested. It's exactly what I wanted for him for now, so unless they tell me something was wrong, I'm going with 5 stars for it looking like exactly the item I expected and quality I expected.

Varun Gupta
Fun and Educational for kids!!

These science kits are great to use as homeschooling projects. Lots of schools are doing online school during this time and others are homeschooling.
This microscope has three lenses (100х 400х 1200х magnification) and adjustable brightness.
My kids and I love exploring new samples!We have seen a piece of rabbit hair, mud and fabric.
The instructions are well laid out and very clear. Looking forward to lots of scientific endeavors with this!

Priscila Cacicedo
The kids loved

Great beginner microscope.
I gave this to my 5 year old son for his birthday. The look on his face when he opened it said how much he liked it.
My days are now spent gathering samples of pond scum and swamp water for examination. Seriously, though, he loves it!
The focus is decently good and better than several other beginner scopes.
We were all impressed with the microscope and how easy it was to use. Is a great way to spark their imagination.

Sam O
Wonderful Gift

The package was perfect to wrap up. Box was in prestige condition to be able to gift to my nephew.

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