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Linda S
So far so good!

This is my first time buying laser hair removal and I am so excited to get started。I carefully read the user manual before I started (kinda scared to burn myself).I shaved my under arm and use the laser about 15mins ,a week later ,I did another treatment,the hair looks like coming out in a longer period. It fit my skin(light and black hair)and no pain at all.I definitely recommend to put on some cool gel after you are done with your skin.I will keep updating my experience,so far so good,no complaints at all.

Denver T
it actually works

I had been told for years to try laser hair treatments as I have very light skin and very dark hair. I got this device after reading so many good reviews and I have to say, it actually works. I have been using it for my bikini line and am really happy with the results. I use it a few times a week.
I will say - make sure you shave that area BEFORE you start lasering, as it stings if you laser a spot that has a long hair. I find it's not that painful but there are spots where it can sting a tiny bit - much less than if you waxed though.

Laser hair removal device

When I started my first treatment, I was very scared and anxious, but it was a comfortable experience. Although it is a bit painful to use the machine, it is tolerable. It can also be used in sensitive areas. Even after using it twice, there is not much damage. But then I have no other questions. I use it on the legs, armpits and toes. I think I have less hair every week, and the hair on my legs and toes grows more slowly. However, I noticed the changes, but as I said at the beginning, I will see that I give myself more treatment, but in general, I think this is a great product because it No irritation, no damage, and comfortable to use. This is my experience with this product.

Olivia S
Easy to use and no pain!

I am in love with this thing. It was easy to use and there was very little pain the first time. The second time none at all. I noticed my hair grew back in thinner n between the two treatments so I am confident there will be no growth at all in one or two more treatments. The unit is lightweight and easy to use. It is extremely bright so you must wear you googles. There are five different levels so you can use it in on all areas of the body. I did it on my face, underarms, bikini area and legs. I think it is worth every penny and I so excited that I no longer have razor bumps days later. I should have bought one sooner. Best purchase ever.

Easy to use and effective

I was thinking of doing laser treatment but it was kind of expensive so had a thought to buy my own device. I was worried that I am going to lose money buying this product but i came out opposite. It is saving my money now. if I have did laser treatment then it would cost me lot of money but with this device i can do by myself any time. Its my second treatment now and the results are pretty good. I am using on my legs and armpit and the growth of the hairs has declined to some level. I am really satisfied with this device.

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