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Does the job a-okay

Does exactly what it’s suppose to do.

Holds my iPad and Nintendo switch perfectly fine.
Super sturdy
Came with extra rubber parts for grip :)


Well designed

Nifty little stand. Holds my tabelt securely both vertically and horizontally. Cutout for attaching USB cable extends to allow just about any type of tablet without impeding how well it sits in the arms. Adjusts easily and stays in position. Holds a wireless keyboard as well. No slip base stays put.
Wish I had gotten this a long time ago.

weapon of mass instruction
my best tech accessory purchase in a long time

im a bit of a tech accessory must-haver, but i dont know why i waited so long to buy a new and sturdy stand for my 12.8" ipad pro. this makes my old stand seem like a paper clip with rubber stoppers on it. This thing is soooper sturdy, but also in this quarantined timed of video conferencing for everything, it elevates my ipad, allows me to sit it portrait style, and thus GREATLY improves my meeting quality and posture. Honestly I was kinda sparsely using my ipad before this stand, and now Im using it every day. It feels much more like a mini desktop mac now than an ipad. And with the sidecar feature on OSX, i TRULY have a portable office multi-monitor experience now. Best inexpensive purchase I've made in a while. Getting another one for bf.

Great stand!

This stand is a little bigger than their other stands but same great quality. I use it for Samsung tablets and phones. They are so handy I'd like to have one of their stand for home, office, or just any room I use phone or tablet a lot. Just be careful of leaving them at the office. I've already had one mysteriously disappear overnight from my office.

I just wish they had a stand with magnetic charging too.

T. W. Trussell
Excellent stand for tablet

The stand holds a 9" iPad perfectly. It seems like it would hold most phones or tablets just fine, too. The stand has holes in the back for routing cables, and includes some rubbery "gripper" pads installed so it won't slide around on the desk. My stand included a little envelope with more gripper pads. I bought it for my wife and it seems to work perfectly for her.

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