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beautiful simple instrument

I saw some vlogs about Kalimba music and fell mesmerized. Picked this one based on the good reviews and felt happy all around. The little instrument was well made and every key strikes accurate note. Craftsmanship is top-notch. The look and quality are well beyond what the price tag would suggest. I started to play right away since the keys are all labeled and very easy to follow. Sound is exactly as what I heard from those fancy vlogs - mesmerizing. I can play it all day and get lost in time.

Absolutely love this little magic.

Such a beautiful Musical Instrument

I just love my Kalimba, the sound is absolutely beautiful. Very soothing and relaxing. The Kalimba is a musical instrument which is easy to learn how to play.
The tuning is not difficult either, it took me a little time though. But with a tuning app you can do tune it fairly easy if you never played music before.
What stood out to me is the scale that is displayed in two formats, letters and numbers, which is very helpful for someone who begins to play music.
This Kalimba makes a beautiful gift for kids and adults who want to play or learn how to play music.

Great Gift!

Nice product for the musician in your life to sit and tinker on. Be great for kids also (in the other room)
Fine crafted from California and in tune nicely! Gave mine as a gift to dght whose is a music teacher and she sat and played with it for hours....
Not extremely loud which is nice! If you text using both thumbs you’ll have this down with no problem in minutes!

Le Koa Kai
5/5 great sound, feel, craftmenship, sadness and loneliness reducer

The craftsmanship is beyond what I had imagined. As well as the sound that is both calming and projects with 360 surround sound. A great instrument to play and serenade friends and family over tech during covid. Would buy again if a friend or family wants one

It makes me feel wholesome. It is an instrument I feel I can play when I or someone close is down.

5 Stars All The Way!

Wow, what can I say about this Kalimba? The quality of this is amazing, I’m really surprised at how great it is honestly.

It comes with a carrying case, tools and some stickers. The sounds is beautiful!

I saw other brands that were selling it for more and I was almost thinking of purchasing another brand cause I was worried about the quality.

I’m super happy with ours and I can’t wait to learn how to play it!

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