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Great smart watch

I had a fitbit before and I needed to replace it with something. So I was looking for a cute smart watch. I saw this watch and it looked super cute so I decided to try it. It was a little difficult to attach the band to the watch, but once I figured it out it was smooth sailing.

The color of the band is more pale pink that pictures, which I like better and the watch has so much more features than I expected. You can select different interface for the watch , which I like. You can count your steps, see how many calories you burnt, monitor your sleep, read your text and much more. I haven't done exploring all the options this watch provides yet. The app that goes with this watch is easy to install and it is self explanatory. I had this watch for over a week and so far I have no complains.

I like it very much, Have the effect.

This watch is cool in appearance and powerful in function. It records various sports data and measures heart rate. My main purpose is to measure heart rate by running, cycling, sleeping and paying attention to health. This watch is really good, its quality is really good, its hand feels good, and its accuracy is extremely high. Simple and elegant strap is very comfortable, with fine workmanship, flexible operation and high sensitivity. I like it very much.

Kimberly Hicks
Mostly looks pretty, and comfortable.

It doesnt keep track of my sleep schedule, even though the program is on there. It seems to think i should sleep after the sun goes down. Not possible. I work the graveyard shift. It also does not have the spotify app on there, or a way to get it on there, even though bought it for this feature! Dissapointed. I have a $30 watch that already does all that! I spent the $56 on this one because i was trying to upgrade. I am hoping these software problems will be fixed. I need the spotify control feature to use at work.

Stylish and functional

Super stylish! I absolutely love the color, its not too bright. This smart watch has so many functions. I have a couple other watches but I like to use different ones. This one is very soft, comfortable on my hand. Design looks like apple watch. Ot was also very easy to pair it with iPhone. I’m glad with my purchase.

S Ahmed
Great smart watch with fitness tracker

I love this watch. I recently got into the habit of taking daily walks and this watch has been a boon. It keeps track of steps, calories, heartbeat and sleep. It’s accompanying app is more comprehensive than some other apps I have seen. The display is rich and can be seen clearly even in bright sunlight. Enabling notifications makes sure that I don’t miss any important alerts on my phone. I also appreciate the band, which has a nice rubberized feel to it and is thicker than some other watches I have had in the past. It has lots of options for indoor/outdoor exercise. I have another smart watch but I am liking this one better. All in all it’s a great watch for the money.

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