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sceptical buyer
Great gift for my daughter

This was a big hit for Christmas for my daughter who has just recently gotten into pyropgraphy!

Good pen but book is not worth it

I like the woodburner. It’s easy to use and I like the different tips. The only thing I was dissapointed in was the book. It really didn’t contain a instructions on how to woodburndr as I was expecting. It only had common sense items such as the pen and tips get hot. I was under the impression it would tell you how to shade or draw lines. It also talked briefly about a couple of tips but without a picture of them you had no idea which ones they were describing. The grammar also made it difficult to understand as well. There were numerous sentences that did not make any sense therefore you had to skip them.

Overall the pen worked great until I broke a tip off in it. Yes I did what I was told not to do the first time ever using it. I pressed too hard while burning and the tip was soft from the heat and now the tip is a permanent fixture in my pen. I would recommend this to others with a warning not to do what I did.

Quality - Bang for your Buck

As someone who's fairly new to woodburning, I've found that you really can get a bang for your buck. I've used several other brands that have either been too thin, grips have been too low, or too high, or the tips don't hold up to well after several uses. The Spirit Stream has met my expectations and more. The kit has allowed my work to flow effortlessly, while still holding a firm grip, and i've had no problem with new tips. There are others around the same price that offer fewer accessories, a few with may accessories with lower quality, but the added value is in the durability of each tip, the strength of the grips, as well as the guidebook that comes along. Anytime I don't have to contact customer service because of product help is usually a great purchase. I've made two purchases, one for myself and another for a friend and I will definitely buy​ more for others.

Ayn Rand
Great starting kit!

New to pyrography so did not know what to expect, but with beginning use I am enjoying this set a lot. It comes with many tips and I like that they just screw in. I am imagining many projects to use this for. No complaints yet and think it is a good value.

Effective & Easy to use!

I've been woodburning for a few years now, and I'm always asked by customers for a good product with which they could start their endeavors of pyrography.
My biggest suggestion is to get a good & inexpensive pen to start out with for a year or two just to get the hang of it & decide if you want to drop more money on a larger item. I decided to try this one out, and I've been impressed. The burn is pretty smooth and easy to use. It's not the most heavy duty, but an excellent starter piece! If you're interested in starting to woodburn, don't hesitate to buy this piece. It is very inexpensive to start this new craft (compared to buying oil paints, brushes, etc). You'll be able to make unique projects for your own home, or as treasured gifts! The key with woodburning in general is to have enough patience to get a smooth burn! Feel free to look at my IG account for more upcoming pictures and reviews of this product!

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