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Good product that our dog refuses to play with by himself (until lately)

UPDATE: Dog's finally learned how to use it by himself. He loves it. We love it. Need to find balls that he doesn't pick apart though.

As far as the product itself, we are happy with the it. It seems well-built and does exactly what it's supposed to do. It throws the advertised distance. The remote works. The battery works. However, the balls are NOT 1.75" as advertised. They are closer to 1 1/2 - 1 5/8. Not a big deal, but we also bought a bag of 1.8" balls that are substantially larger (not 0.05" as the measurements advertise) and will not fit in the hole. Once the balls are a bit used, they don't fly as far, but it's been OK enough. The height is right for a small dog and dropping the ball "in the bucket" to have it throw is a fool-proof exercise. I'd recommend it to a potential buyer.

That all said, it's not working out quite like we planned. We have an 18lb mini poodle mix that cannot get enough of playing fetch. He's a pretty clever dog and we figured he'd have no problem using this machine to keep himself occupied while I work. We were wrong. At first he was a little intimidated by the noise - it's not loud, but there is a whirring sound as the wheels spin up. He got over that quickly. He now knows the noise means the ball is about to go and even anticipates when it will fly based on the pitch. He's "put the ball in the bucket" enough times (although few) that we know he knows how to do it. However, he simply refuses to do so. He'll walk up and drop the ball next to it or sit next to it with the the ball in his mouth and refuse to let go. This isn't a strike against the product, but it's frustrating that we spent a good amount on a toy that the dog refuses to interact with. Your mileage may vary.

Charles J. Foster IV

This is great but my dogs aren’t catching on they are spoiled

Matt Sac DE.
Keeps my dog busy all day long.

Our dog loves it !!!!

Great for energetic dogs!!

Our Beagle loves this, she is putting the balls in the top on her own! Just wish the balls were more durable. Other than that, when we turn it on...shes ready and waiting to chase the ball!

M. Anderson
Good dog toy

It’s a good toy for a dog for exercise so far my dog knows how to get the ball she just doesn’t know how to bring it back

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