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Susan E
Full sun needed

Am much more pleased than I thought I would be! A delight in my garden, especially in full sun.

Susan D.
Soooo cute!

We saw a hummingbird under the garden sprinkler. To entice these cuties to vacation here, we purchased this little solar powered pump for our diy bird bath. It worked perfectly right out of the box. It is nice that it has the bumpers to keep it centered. It is amazing for the price. Hmmmm I may need to get one for the backyard. Love it!!!

Linda P

I got it in the mail was way smaller than I thought haven't put it together yet tho. It's going in a goldfish pond

They can be kept centered to the birdbath and work under less then ideal sunlight.

I purchased two of these items for my birdbaths. The primary reason I ordered these particular solar water fountains where (1) they have what I call centering tubes that attach to the fountain keeping it centered in the bird bath, (2) they where the only fountains that offered a nozzle that squirted to the sides thus keeping the water inside the birdbath. What I didn't expect of these fountains is that they would work only in full sun, to my surprise the started working albeit sporadically in a completely overcast condition, which to me is a unexpected bonus. Although I can't speak for the long term durability of the fountains since I just received them, I would highly recommend them to anyone for the two reasons I have stated.

Easy to use

Just drop it into the water on a sunny day and you’re ready to go

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