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Kimberly Rash

I like it. I do see the glue spots everyone was talking about but it’s fine and it was all together when I got it.

Donna W.
He’s cute and fun to dress up

I really like him, he’s fun to dress up too. I don’t recall ordering a gold one and he isn’t. He is cute and fun to dress up which is fine so I don’t know it says that in the description. Got here a great condition, no problems, everything is fine, I really like it.

Organic Vegan
Realistic, and hard to break - good for kids who like skeletons!

My 5-year-old kiddo is so excited about anatomy and all things Halloween. We gave this to him for Chanukah and he has really loved it! And has (so far) failed to break it. Which, if you're a parent, is GREAT. Thank you to the folks who made this for making it so hardy and difficult to break. Also it's realistic, which he appreciates.

Janet vinduska
Sturdy enough

Using this skeleton outside. It has to have a stand of some sort won't stand by itself. We have a couple others to make a group at the state fair. We call him Willy.

Leslie Shughart
Liked it so much I just bought a second one.

I am very happy with this product. I do a rather elaborate Halloween display with skeletons every year. I've bought several types, and this is definitely one of my favorites. In fact I just ordered a second one to replace one with a broken hand. What I really like is that the elbow joint can turn, and the hands aren't stuck in 1 unnatural position like other skeletons.

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