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Steve Lane
Contemporary lamp I was looking for

Although the black lamp is plastic it is not cheap looking. Will serve as a great night lamp. Gives off a soft warm glow similar to a 40watt incandescent bulb.

Absolutely cool lamp!

Perfect lamp for bedroom. When you get up early in the morning and don’t want the bright ceiling lamp on, this is perfect! Not to mention his cool it is to just touch the magnets together!

D. Pellegrini
Fun light - not very sturdy

This is an eclectic light - and a conversation starter. I am a design geek and quite like it. The top ball and string is always hanging. To turn the light on, you lift up the ball on the bottom string - and the two balls are magnetic - so it is held up by the top ball/string. The light gets accidentally turned on/off easily if you pull on the bottom string at all or drop the ball while attempting to connect them - it is twitchy. You may have to practice turning it on a little bit to avoid looking like an idiot.

We ordered the white one. would buy again

Excellent table light

I purchased three orange lights when they were introduced on Kickstarter. I use one gave one as a gift, and saved one for a future gift. Thoughtful design.

Surprised to see such a beautiful light. Stylish decent and concise

Surprised to see such a beautiful light. Stylish decent and concise. This light satisfies every need of minimalism individuals without losing the taste of polished modenizantion.

As a tech Geek, the electromagnetic switch is the most appealing feature. While the metal spheres are not directly in contact. I can not imagine the electron spark through the sphere like a Tesla coil when I light up the LEDs. The implementation turns out to be amazingly engineered. Simply unveil the mystery of the light and you will not be disappointed.

Highly recommended this item!!!

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