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Look no further, THIS IS THE ONE!

I am 5 wks post-op of a tummy tuck. I have been using a simple one piece binder. This one I saw was loved and recommended, so I purchased. It comes in 3 pieces. You can pick and choose which pieces you would like to wear or you can wear them all. It provides AMAZING compression. And it is COMFORTABLE. I have been wearing my faja to get this type of compression and hate it because I have to get naked every time I need to use the restroom. Not any more!!!! This binder is LIFE! And it's a GAME CHANGER! I cannot wait to have to pee! lol. Cannot beat the quality or the price. Pick this one, you won't regret it. My only regret is not getting it sooner.

Lauren Riffe
Great Post Baby Waist Binder

Currently Day 20 after having my son by c section. I have occasionally worn the first two waist binders, but the third Hip/pelvis binder I will wait til my 6 week check up. I feel supported while wearing it. I feel it helps me personally to wear it at least 30 minutes a day. I initially did not start wearing it until it felt comfortable with my incision. It can be worn under loose clothing and not be noticed. I feel as though it supports me and brings my waist in. I do wish I bought a smaller size because I believe it is already a little big.

patricia penaloza
Must buy!!!

This product is amazing. I ordered the smaller size and was able to wear it immediately out of the hospital. I went in to hospital at 173 lbs and delivered a 9 lb baby. I have worn this every day since delivery and have noticed a considerable difference in my abdomen. It does stretch and the wiring does eventually dig into your skin, but overall it's worth it. Keep in mind it's not a high-end product.

Karen C.
Beyond useful and easy to use

This product is amazing! You can use the 3 bands separately and also be able to put them in the right position. I am 5’11” and my torso is very long so I struggled to find a band that would fit properly. I was given a support band at the hospital after my c-section but as soon as I started using this 3 part support band I realized it was a game changer. What a difference it made to place each band on the right section and to also be able to secure it as thought as I wished. The lower band that support the c-section incision is incredible. I felt comfortable, I felt a way better support and it was incredibly easy to use. In the pictures I am a week post partum so I am still a little swollen. Regardless, I feel super comfortable and this is also helping with my posture. I highly recommend this product!

Best purchase ever!!!

Purchased this 5 days post partum and this is the absolute best purchase I've made! Order came with all 3 belts with instructions on which one to wear and when. The belt was comfortable and provided immediate support and relief that I needed! I was surprised by the quality as the belly support one even had what felt like boning to provide strong support. I highly recommend this product!

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