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Wife loves it!

Wife seems to like it. So far so good

Christine Joan Cuaresma
Comfortable, able to do something else while wearing.

Mask fits perfectly and comfortable on my face. I am using 3 lights for 15 minutes each. Blue first, the. Red and then green. I use it after cleanse and then proceed with the rest of my skin care routine after. I use it 5 days a week and been using it for a week now. I will post another review of before and after pics. I can multitask while wearing the mask so I don’t feel like I’m wasting time. The only down side is that-there is no indicator if it needs to be charged or if the battery is full. I just plug it in for 2 hours and then unplug after.

Terri Hart
Good value, features, and user friendly.

I am replacing a much more expensive unit on a stand that I used for many years. The mask is a better option for me than sitting in a chair and has multiple light, intensively, and time settings. It also includes eye protection. So far so good!

Over 40- you need this mask!

This thing is amazing. I am getting nothing for this review- I was asked to leave a review immediately upon receiving and I declined because I wasn't ready to give my review. Well I've been using this for 2 months on the red light wavelength pretty religiously for 30 mins each night. I can tell you that I am seeing results. Great results- my pore size is smaller, my wrinkles have lessened and my face is looking plumper and refreshed. No kidding! Like WOW! This red-light therapy stuff really works. No hype- but you've gotta be consistent. Keep with it and you will see results! I follow up my sessions alternating with Retin-a and vitamin C serum. I cannot recommend this mask enough!

Deanna Cole
I love it!!

So far so good! Its still to soon to see improvement in my brown spots but the skin texture feels better, softer. I love how you have many colors to choose from for different benefits. It comes with a card detailing the benefit of each color. I have also worn it on top of my head with the red light to improve my hair fullness & minimize hair loss. So far my hair is much much softer. I also was thrilled to see that when I colored my hair I had about 75% less hair fall out compaired to when I colored it last time. Wow!
I think its still to soon to see difference in thickness yet. So I'm extremely happy with this product. Thank you

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