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Very satisfied with

It's easy to use.I think it's worth a try.I really like this result.Unlike my eyelash curler, my eyelashes are stretched out.Another problem is that I can't use my eyeliner anymore because my lashes are blocking my view, but that's ok.

Get a different glue

What I liked: first and foremost, the price. The price of the kit and the fact that it is a multiple use kit is great. It *did* perm my eyelashes even though I had some difficulties. The directions are written clearly and they are extremely easy to understand and follow. All of the bottles are labeled too, so there is really no reason anyone should have issues following the steps if English is their native tongue.

What I did not like: the eyelash glue. I had so much damn trouble with the eyelash glue. I put it on the back of the pads to help them stick to my skin, and they did not want to stick. I didnt have regular false eyelash glue on hand, so I HIGHLY recommend having a tube handy to get the pads to stay in place. When I applied the perming solution, the glue did not stay glue and my eyelashes ended up unevenly permed in places (as shown in the pictures). It also smells like hair perm (because it is) and the second you open the bottle you will flash back through the 90s when you went into a hair salon with your grandmas. The glue is really the only downer of this kit. It's not a very strong glue, so maybe see if there is a different maker for eyelash glue and get that to go with this kit. I'm definitely going to use it again though.

Mia Lagang

I love the kit. I just wish it came with a lash applicator to stick the lash to the rods.
I noticed that if you let the glue dry too much it starts to get stringy.
I like that they give 5 different rods to choose from. Overall, I love this kit and will definitely buy again.

Buy this product

I love it. My lashes look amazing.

Jeffrey Chidimar
It's natural and beautiful!

I envy my friend's eyelash very much, afterwards just know she is to use this, very easy to use, ironed eyelash is very beautiful natural, I really love it!

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