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Absolutley fantastic smart watch..

So far I've had it about a week. I was able to set the time and date and kind of figure out the other functions, although I haven't really used any. Problem right now is I'm not being able to find the app to download to use with my phone. I've sent an email to the company, and am awaiting their reply.
Other than that, I really like the size and weight. I have a big wrist and it fits well and is just about the right size. Its definitely not to heavy either.
The display is fairly easy to read and yes I've showered with it and it's done fine thus far.
Like I said the only thing I haven't done is connect it to my phone. I'll update the rating once I do..that's the reason for a 4 star.
Update: this watch is fantastic! It does everything plus what my Garmin did and at a fraction of the price. Step counts are right on and sleep works well. I defintiley recommend this watch!!

great gift ideas

I bought this as a gift and it looks really nice so I got one for myself too. The band is really comfortable and it has a nice face. An AWESOME watch. I love the size of it although i have small wrist.

I also love the way the day/date/time are laid out on the watch: large display, simple to the point.. Great watch for the money. I don't wear an expensive watch. If you want to know the correct time without pulling out your phone, buy this watch.

The Bluetooth and app are really convenient pair and easy to use. Nice Pedometer watch at this price point.

Gang Duan
smart watch! very cool design!

I bought this watch for my son as a gift. He LOVES it. The style is cool, and easy to use. Very comfortable to wear. It looks so sporty for kids. High quality as well.

A good buy for me

Bought this watch as a going away Gift for a friend who is moving to FL. The design is nice with large display. It has multiple functionalities and can be paired with iPhone (big plus for us). Also, the price is good for us.

Mendy Gehrt
Good quality for the money

My son thought this was a great deal for the money for a Christmas present. He loves all the features! Being a college athlete, he really likes the fitness features. I ordered the same watch from Gearow, paid more, and waited 2 months to get it. This one was shipped to me within 3 days.

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