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Large enough to be useful

A back scrubber you don't have to be a contortionist to use! Most I've tried have been so short, they are totally useless.

I like the length on this scrubber, as well as the texture. I need to put a hook up in the tub area to hang it on to dry though...I had to fold it in half, which won't allow good air drying.
Overall, I was happy with this one. I felt clean, was able to use it even with a wonky shoulder, and the texture was perfect for showering.


Would buy again. Great length and it wasn’t too rough nor soft for my back

Works well for scrubbing back

It's tough to reach the middle of my back when showering and a scrub brush just does not feel right to me. I like how well this scrubber reaches the middle of my back and scrubs a large area at once.

Good quality, design and function
Nice straight stitching
Easy to use
Holds up well to daily showering
Scrubs well without a course scratchy feel of bristles

None noted

Perfect If You're Looking for a Gentle Back Scrubber

The preferred degree of coarseness in a back scrubber is a matter of taste, but for mine, this "exfoliating" scrubber doesn't quite hit the mark. It's convenient enough to use, the handles are useful in aligning it diagonally across the back or wherever you wish, but the scrubbing loops are made of a relatively soft thread and barely make an impression, much less exfoliate. As I said -- a matter of taste. It does make washing your back relatively easy.

Exfoliating Back Scrubber is quite good, but a bit too long for normal size bodies

I got this scrubber in grey color and 30.91"x3.94" size. My wife uses this scrubber now in place of the one she had with a plastic handle. This is more effective in reaching every nook and corner of your back. The smooth and rough sides (see picture) also help in buffing your skin as and how you want it. The dark colored rough side is truly rough - you can feel the burn when hot water falls on a buffed back! Although she is tall, it seems a bit too long for optimal and ease of use. You have to dribble soap along the whole length so you get a good soapy coverage to clean your back. She also uses it to exfoliate her legs, thighs, and buttocks, but it tends to be too long and unwieldy for this purpose. She says she may not buy it again for herself, but it is useful and handy for a big and tall person.

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