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Setup easy and works

This is a easy to setup pressure washer. Not super heavy and has wheels so easy to move it around. Connections were easy to setup for both water and electricity. Different choices of nozzle sizes was helpful. Lance could have been little longer but I would buy an extension to clean sidings at third floor. I tried it for driveway and patio and sidings, pressure at lower level was enough to do the cleaning.

Carol M.
Does a great job

This is my first pressure washer and honestly I don’t know how I made it this far without one. It makes easy work of cleaning off the pavement in front of my house.

I even use the gentle mode to clean the rugs. Then I hang it to dry. It works great without chemicals so that’s always a plus.

It takes about 15 minutes to read the instruction manual and get it all set up. After that you’re good to go. This has made life so much easier.

Lightweight and great to clean porch.

I’ve been looking for a washing a machine to clean my porch and my car. This machine has good pressure to do so! It’s super easy to use and assemble. It’s small so it’s super lightweight. It comes with a few nuzzles so you can wash different stuff, I started washing my outside wall of my house and it’s been working very well. Removing spiderwebs and dirt. I recommend this item.

Small in size but performance is great

Got this pressure washer for my patio and to wash my cars, This is small in size that my kids also can bring because of light weight. I used it to clean my patio, cars and garage. It gets dirt off really easy. It’s a great value for the price I paid for it. It’s is very easy to assemble and comes with different nozzles.

Compact and powerful!

I bought this pressure washer to clean my brick patio and walls. Took me about 10 minutes to assemble it. The motor, nozzle, gun, and hose are very durable. It works just like my gas power washer. I blasted the water gun through the dirt and grime on the surface of my patio. Now the patio looks good again. I also used it to wash my cars. It took out dirt and grease from my wheels in no time, don’t need to use the brush anymore. Very powerful machine.

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