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This is excellent!

So I've owned one other arch lighter other than this one and ordered my dad one of another brand for father's day. I searched for another one for me because I liked the "X" pattern because it seems to light cigarettes and cigars more evenly. Also because it just looks really cool. Plus the overall design had me. It's wonderful. I've had it a week I take it with me everywhere I go. I'm glad I ordered this. The rechargeability and the wind resistance with these make these things much more excellent. I can think of a few more people I'd order this for as a gift.

Whitney M.

Originally I gave this a one star because it didn't recharge and stopped working almost immediately. The seller reached out to me and offered to send me free of charge a new lighter to replace the defective one. I received it yesterday and immediately began using it. IT WORKED PERFECTLY AND STILL DOES! If you should happen to get a defective lighter, please reach out to the Seller. They are more than happy to assist you in any way they can. I LOVE THIS LIGHTER! It's beautiful and I like not having to fuel it like I do my Zippo. Only problem I could see is that ALL of their lighters were so beautiful it was hard deciding which one I wanted. hehehehehe. Maybe I'll get another one . . . just because.

Jerry Glennie
Great lighter! But drag as you light!

Awesome lighter, looks great, sparks doing 70 with my windows wide open, couldn't ask for a much better lighter. The trick with smokes is keep it close to the arc and pull through the cigarette. If not then you can roll it a bit. Charge times are short and I can go roughly 3-4 days before its dead. In which maybe 2 hours and it's good again. If it gets dirty you can use a hard bristle tooth brush to clean the ash off the electrodes. Otherwise I work in a maintenance field so if it survives me I can't imagine much worse.


We bought the lighters as a gift but the recipient said he absolutely loves them. They light no matter the wind or the weather!! I would also like to give the seller a five star rating as the lighters arrived very nicely packaged AND ahead of schedule!!

George McKenzie
Five Stars

Quality product, well made

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