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Irvin cotton
Worth the money

great starter plane, flies well and batteries last for 20 min each

Mickey Biancaniello
FUN and perfect for beginner RC pilots.

This RC plane is fun and safe for kids to play with as it hovers around with a fun controller to steer it from dozens of feet away. It doesn't go too fast so it can't really lose control and it's lightweight. This is very easy to set up and play with.

Zerah A.
Yeah it’s an amazing little flyer.

My first RC airplane and what a joy to fly !! So manoeuvrable and the range was mind blowing. Really pretty plane too. Word to the wise: do no fly this in winds higher than 6mph ground speed. You have to keep in mind that the speed up in the air is higher. The sad epilogue to the flight after this was taken, the wind took it away in it crashed two corn fields downwind and I couldn’t find it in the tree line. You will love this plane. P.s. I got it cheaper on eBay so Next one is coming in about a month.

Too cool to share.

I bought this to give to my brother in good faith.
I REALLY meant to give it to him.
I opened it up to get a good look, and snap some pics. When I first picked the box up, I was concerned by just how light it was. I was so curious.

It is solidly constructed and comes with everything I need to build it, and get it in the air. My box came with the glue.
It’s a bit too windy to fly it yet, but I can not wait. My brother will have to buy his own.

Tech Snob
Great little plane, New flyers won't regret buying!

The Preditor drone RC plane is easy to assemble and comes with screws and a screwdriver to easily and swiftly assemble. I was able to build and fly this plane in about 5 minutes out of the box. It works and Flys great, it is easy for young kids or newer flyers. The durability is amazing, this thing can really take a hit before breaking. Flew mine into trees, bushes, fences, the ground.... and it has held up perfectly with only miner imperfections. Even with some larger aerodynamic imperfections this thing still Flys like a champ, but with less maneuverability.

People giving crappy reviews are most likely not reading the instructions or letting their small children put it together incorrectly (make it a family project, that way it reduces wait time and bummer summer disorder). Out fo the box the plane must be assembled and the motors connected to the flight computer board. These are easy to connect red and white wires that just need to by clipped into the corresponding sockets. If you have fat figures it might me slightly difficult to connect but just push the board through the bottom of the plane to get better access then simply push the plastic tray back up into the aircraft (if the wires are put into the incorrect slots the controls will be backwords, but just undo the screws and switch the wires to the correct socket). Battery life is great for lightly hobby flying; however, if you love to fly you'll find yourself taking a 20-40 minute water break while the battery charges a couple times an hour, so it would be recommended to buy a second or 3rd battery so you can rotate between new and charging batterys without taking an extended break. Keep in mind this is a beginner flyers plane, so don't expect to do loopy loops and a ton of tricks as this plane does not have the aircraft dynamics to pull of such maneuvers, but it does easily stay in the air and is fun to fly through lineral plain maneuvers. I would definatly recommend this product for family's, young kids, and new rc air plane flyers.

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