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Ian M
Shame turns into pride with this snuggy

I bought this for a white elephant gift exchange. I'll admit feeling embarrassed to buy a generic snuggie, but the gag gift seemed worthwhile. Imagine my surprise when it was the most popular gift at the exchange, despite some pretty good competition. Not only does it look high-quality in person, it feels very nice and warm. The pocket is well placed and capacious. The sleeves are long enough for tall wearers.

Richard W
Soft, warm, and just perfect for lounging!

I bought this for my girlfriend. She is tall, so I wanted something that was longer. This is perfect! She is 5'9" and this drapes to mid-calf. It is super soft and comfortable. She loves pink lounge and sleep wear. She loves the color! So...long enough for a taller woman (would be perfect for any height woman!), soft, comfortable, and perfect color...winner!


This wearable blanket was purchased as a Christmas gift for my mother in law. I was so surprised and that quality of this product ; it was so nice and soft as well as the color being so vibrate! My mother in law really loves this wearable blanket.

Janet Robertson
Everyone is envious

I was pleased when this blanket arrived because it was packaged so nicely with a ribbon bow. I could have given it as a gift but it was for me so I unwrapped it. It is incredibly soft and, when I put my arms through the sleeves and settled in to watch Christmas movies, it was so cozy. It is long enough that a tall person would be completely covered and the small pocket in the front is just right for tucking cold hands into or storing a small book or cellphone. I would buy this again and give it as a gift.

My new couch buddy😍

I’m in loooove! Bought this at a great time cus the weather is getting colder around here. BUY THIS! I promise u won’t regret it, it’s SO soft and I like that it’s long enough to cover my feet (I’m 5’4 just fyi) the sleeves are long enough to cover my hands and if I want to use my phone or grab the remote I just pull the sleeves up.
ATTENTION: Apparently a lot of people from what I’ve seen in the reviews expected a back closed kinda blanket (??) and get disappointed when they see it’s just a blanket with sleeves I don’t know why because it’s literally called ‘blanket with sleeves’. But for whoever’s reading this’ knowledge, this is indeed just a blanket with sleeves—soft as a cloud— but nonetheless. Enjoy!!

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