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Highly recommend!

Was very surprised! After reading some other reviews I was skeptical. This tool exceeded my expectations! You will want to use a fairly large compressor, and if what your cleaning is very dirty you will have to clean out the nozzle frequently. But it did a stand up job.
For the people having issues feeding the cleaner into the gun, be sure to dilute it with water. I could see if you tried using straight shampoo it might not work properly.

Top Of The Line Best Product

Worked Great and my car rug is spotless, I was using a Poor Quality tool and all it did was leak and make a Mess. Thank you it felt great using a Pro tool no leaks and the Quality was Perfect

Top quality cleaning gun highly recommend

Used the gun yesterday on interior of my 2017 Ford Escape. I have used tornado and yes there nice. But putting it next too each other. This gun is just as good as tornado for way under price. Font be worried if you think this is cheap cleaning gun. It’s awsome and does superb job highly recommend.

judd clark
The best

I don't review many of the things I buy online. This is the best product. My truck seats were disgusting. It got every bit of dirt out very easily

High pressure as it advertised

Bought this after reading the review. Work really well, I was surprised how the pressure is powerful. It makes my car look so clean.
I really needed a gun cleaning pressure because my car has a lot of dust and stain on the chair due to my busy schedule I couldn't keep it clean all the time. This cleaning gun just works as it advertised. It blows dust out and make the stain look unnoticeable. I spend only 30 minutes cleaning with this tool and my car just can't look cleaner.

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