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Fantastic Product for Blind Dogs!!

The great thing about this bumper harness is that it's got 3 bolts on each side that attach to the harness. The harness should fit snug so it holds the bumper in place. I attached the video so you can see how great it works. You can see at the beginning of the video, I had to cling wrap the chairs and a coffee table - these are the things that the bumper can get past. It takes a little time for them to adjust but if you keep all furniture the same & don't leave shoes, boxes, etc on the ground, they learn the lay of the land. But, always keep the bumper on them to protect them. She wears it every day, all day unless I put her in a soft sided crate or an fenced area protected with soft sides, not har walls. I have a 6 lb min pin (they have bigger chests) and the XS is pretty close to the tightest fitting. I tuck the extra material back into the harness in case I need to use this on a little bigger pup at some point. Also, it loosens some with use, so I usually tighten clips up a bit every other day because you want a snug fit to hold bumper in place. Super fantastic product for our pets that need it. Awesome!!

Marie V
Helped my blind dog

My blind dog is 11 years old and is doing great with his new halo. I ordered a size small and it fits great. He is a medium size dog with a 15in neck around and 25 in chest around. The straps are adjustable like the ones on a grocery cart and there was still a lot of strap left after it was adjusted to fit him. The halo is sturdy, I tried to bend it down a little with my hands but couldn't. When my dog is walking slow it nicely provides a bumper for him. When he gets excited and runs into something it doesn't work as well and pushes a little off to the side. I thought about getting one of the more expensive ones but I am so glad I went with this. It is a good price and is working as I was hoping. One thing I don't like about it is there is no where to hook a leash. I have always walked him with a harness on and don't like connecting a leash to the neck. I think I will try to find a way to put this harness over his for walks. I remove it at bedtime.


Love this, dog loves this

Works fine!

Our daughter's little blind Dachshund's tail is wagging a lot more - now that she (the Dachshund), is not bumping into stuff with her nose. Seems to fit just fine with only occasional adjustments. Able to drink and sleep with it on as well.

Brooke Staggs
Works on goats too!

This thing is a lifesaver! One of my goats gave birth to then rejected a blind baby. Found this online and gave it a try and it changed her life! She’s 3 months now and it’s time to order her a new, bigger size. She went from non-active to using the hoop to learn the layout of our house and can now get around with ease. It increased her quality of life 1000%

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