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Bryan Baggett
Easy inst

This performed exactly as advertised. Once we got our distance away from the outside anTenna both vertically and horizontally correct, it boosted our indoor signal from one bar and no Internet to 4 bars and excellent Internet service. I was receiving 7.5 Mb per second inbound and 1.7 Mb per second outbound after installing. Highly recommend!!!

Ernie G
May have solve problems by moving further from antenna

Definitely keep it far away from the antenna to prevent oscillation. As an RF engineer, I assumed that I did not need to keep the antenna so far away from the indoor device, because the indoor device is in a completely metal arched building. I was wrong. Signal strength on my phone would come and go (as the unit went into feedback oscillation and muted the signal)
I was recently surprised that my phone now shows 5G from this device. I guess it’s the same frequency band.

Charles P

I purchased this product because I live in rural area and get terrible cellphone signal. I got zero bars in my house. To talk on the phone I had to go outside and walk out by the road. I was apprehensive about this thing working but I’m telling y’all it really works!! I not only can I talk on my phone inside my house now but can also play games and stream movies on my phone inside !! I get LTE service inside now. We use the hotspots on our phones to watch Netflix on our smart tv as well. I would advise getting a cellphone tower locating app to locate the direction your signal is coming from because you’ll need to point your outdoor antenna that way. IM VERY HAPPY!!

Laurie Simmons
I'm A believer!

At my lake camp I wasn't getting but 1 bar on my phone hotspot, bought this system and installed according to the installation manual. Now I'm getting 4 bars and my firestick is working great.

Jeff S.
Super product a very reasonable price.

Boosted signal in my office from 1 bar to solid four bars. Super easy to install. Have tried very expensive boosters and this unit beat them all. Highly recommend to anyone with weak signal.

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