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Good quality

The quality of the clothes is very good, fluffy, very comfortable, coral fleece, non-shedding, non-fading, non-balling, comfortable, soft and skin-friendly. The color matching is very beautiful and fashionable to reduce age.

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Keeps me soooo warm!

I wear this all the time lol!!!!!! I know super sexy but I am cold all the damn time!!!!

Kimberley Hatfield
I've got my clothes

The color looks great, achieves what I expected, no extra thread, great detail, great fabric.
It's very convenient to wear.
Home essential products, highly recommended

Lori NJ
Very cozy and lightweight!

This sweatshirt is super soft inside and out, and the sherpa inside makes you feel like a cozy stuffed animal wearing it. It's so warm, but still lightweight enough to not feel like you're carrying around 10 extra pounds on you. The only issue I had was that the sweatshirt came wrinkled because of the almost vacuum-sealed bag it came in. I'd recommend washing and drying it before wearing it, or steaming it before gifting it. All together, I definitely recommend everyone tries one of these.

Perfect Home Attire

When the price is right, this is an excellent choice for your work from home wardrobe.
Our home is kept at 67degress as such this comfy, wearable blanket is ideal to keeping me warm.
TV time, Working Hours, bed time, it is a must have. Although it isn't the highest of quality it is still of perfection for the price and use. I do love this item and when the price drops again, I most likely will be adding another one to the collection. Leggings Check, - Comfort Check Check.

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