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Emily Ann
Works exactly as described! Great product!

This tracking system works great! After comparing different cat locators, I confidently purchased the cat. Very simple! Very small!
Our ninja kitty is a black belt and an expert in the craft of hiding in plain sight, evading, and sneaking outdoors. Her skills are no match for cat!
We live in a town home community, with many obstructions but within 1 minute of walking around I was able to get a signal on her. I could have gotten her at that point but I was having too much fun stalking her from one hiding spot to the next.
I'm making an attachment for my drone to hold the receiver in front of the onboard camera so I can get an aerial of her location much quicker than walking around (only problem is the receiver only stays on for 45 seconds before it turns off - hence 4 star rating)

100% ok


Samantha Fox Stull
it's perfect since I always have a pretty good idea where ...

I have had other trackers and although this one is not GPS's perfect since I always have a pretty good idea where my cat (the little Hunter) is stalking her prey. The "beep" on the tracker itself is not too loud either, so it doesn't scare my cat when I set it off. We are working on training her to respond when the beeping far so good. I've only needed it twice so far and both times it lead me right to her.

Thane Lincicome
Great way to track your cat

Overall; I like cat. The range is a little limited. Be prepared to use a lot of batteries.

Robert P. Brannan
A bit expensive

After spending much time spread over a few weeks researching and reading reviews for many Cat specific (not dog) trackers that do not require cell service or any other extra services, I settled on this one because it seemed to fit our needs and had pretty good reviews. I was concerned about the reviews regarding the battery issues and loss of connection after a month or three, so we'll see. Fingers crossed!

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