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Extremely easy to use, love the price. The love of my finished product.

I'm a little intimidated purchasing this product I am not an expert on laser engraving. I thought it would be difficult to understand, but I was able to set the machine in less than a minute, there was a leaflet that came in the box that you are guided through the process, it was extremely easy to use, and I thought my drawings came out great. It is very light, and I love the price.

Barney meighen
It works!

I used one of the pieces of wood supplied with the machine. The piece of wood is approximately the size of a coaster (3 + 1/8 "x 3 + 1/8"). True, it takes a few minutes to understand what you do. There are many things in foreign languages ​​to sort and a little computer knowledge is helpful. Overall, I am very happy that I bought this thing.
Postscript The dark line on my face seems to be something with the piece of wood.

Jeffrey Neese
Impressive burner, especially for the price!

First, the "bad" Reviews about burner are looking for something either industrial, or just do not take the time to work with a little.
When starting, it was a bit tricky as the default language is Chinese. Once you understand how to change it (Click on the "hardware" and select "English"), it is a little easier to understand. Unless you know Chinese!
The software is very simple. Mount the unit, FOCUS LASER, Open image, Position Preview, Start. And there it goes!
As for the settings, there are really only two. Laser power and tread depth. I suggest using a piece of what you are using before starting your project because settings are really not for wood / leather / plastic.
I used it on the plywood (80/30 on the parameters) Cherry (100/50 on the settings) and leather (80/20 on the parameters) and all were very well turned.
This is certainly not comparable to a CNC router or industrial laser, but does a very good job for the handyman.

Fun to use !!!

Once you master the machine, you can produce really nice stuff. YOU MUST PRACTICE ONE !!!!!

Andrea Friedell
It is very accurate

The last time I bought a laser engraved I paid $ 13 000. I know a little about them. This one is so cute and easy to use. I love it for the tricky stuff. However, I wonder if there is a software update, because I ran into an error message. I'm looking for a way to service customer contact.
PS I found my error with the error message. I love the machine. I'm surprised!

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