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Shannon Briggs
Great product

This toy is great! I was always one to break things purposely, even as a young child. However, after toys break they aren't much fun lol I get the thrill of crashing this helicopter into things, without it breaking so I can do it over and over again. Would recommend and buy as a gift for someone.

Peter Lipentine
Bought this for my kid

I bought this for my kid for Christmas and on the first day he accidentally crashed it into the house. Guess what this Helicopter did not break and we are still using it today.

damien Kennedy
Tuff kid needs a tuff helicopter

I see all the negative reviews but I could not let something this fun take a dive like this. I have bought my son helicopters for years. Sometimes they last for a few days, sometimes a few minutes. He is ruff on the things, so when I found this one with the promise of being unbreakable. I was curious because I have a destructo magnet right here!

He has run this thing inside chasing the cat, he has teased the dog outside with it and I will admit I have dove this thing off the roof a few times in high winds. The worst was getting it caught in the neighbors dead tree. We had to knock it down with a broom and were not exactly ready to catch it. So it landed pretty hard. I'll admit, I did not jump it right up and start flying again that is on me. I took it inside to make sure it was still in working order, amazed the rotor turned, so we took it back outside and continued playing. Fantastic helicopter, recommend for any hard playing kid who isn't the nicest to his toys.

Alex Newman

I used to go through these helicopters all the time because they always break. This Hercules Helicopter though, is definitely the most durable and reliable helicopter I've ever had. It's totally worth the price and I've had mine for 6 months now. It's amazing!

What a great little helicopter!

This helicopter is great for people like me who are not very good at controlling RC helicopters. It bounces off of everything and goes right back into flight. It can take so much abuse and just keep on going. The extended range is awesome too. I can't believe how far it flies before getting out of range. Great for beginner flyers!

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