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Gerry L
Great for Droppy Nose

WOW. This is crazy i'm scared. I mean i ordered this out of pure boredom and curiosity (i had never thought of my nose in a bad way) and here i am wanting to make this little change permanent.. well order under your own risk cause once i've tried it i'm thinking if there's any side effects of using this all the time???
Also well the product is comfortable (if you don't try to stretch your nose up to heaven!). I see other reviews that say you have to use the ""right"" size meaning the biggest one that fits if you donmt want it to fall.. i use the smallest one that fits and considering that you have to use a tool to remove it i don't think it'll just fall. Also i wouldn't use one that would end up stretching my nose. I use the size that will almost just hold my nose up in place if you get what i'm saying and it looks natural.

Just what I needed for my basic workout.

Given the current environment, I do not go into the office as much anymore and therefore sit at home all day in my home office. My adult girls have since moved in and have a routine workout which they have included me in. My daughter suggested I get a watch that will provide my HR, BP and Oxygen levels and found this watch to fit my needs so far. I also like the feature of having a step count so I don't have to have my phone on me all the time with a step app.


I recently bought my son and daughter the smart watch from Blumelody. My son has serious healthy issues and this watch gives the opportunity to check vital signs anytime through the day or night. After I saw how pleased they both were with their watches, I ordered one for myself. I love the ease of checking my pulse and BP and other vitals at any time. Also, there is a fitness tracker for counting steps & physical activity. Also, I set the watch to remind me when I have been sitting too long. I work from home and sometimes I just get so busy with online work I forget to get up and move around. Great watches for many different needs. I love mine.

This watch does a lot.

This watch does a lot blood pressure, heart rate, O2, temperature, sleep, weather and activity. The App is easy to use and works really well. I have compared this with regular medical equipment. It appears to be very accurate. I get the same reading. I knew I had problems getting to sleep at night. This watch showed I got 4:15 of sleep. I got this watch because I am trying a new supplement. It has a warning about blood pressure. So far my blood pressure has been around 119/68. The best part is it is easy and painless. The regular blood pressure machine feels like it will crush your arm. This watch solves that problem. It even displays the current weather. I have compared this with WeatherBug several times during the day. It does show the actual current weather.


Recently went through a 7 hour white water rafting trip without a hitch. It was in the water several times because
our raft got stuck in rock gardens several times causing me to jump out to help free the raft. It's really waterproof.

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